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The companies ethos: tourism can only be sustainable if it is carefully managed; Potential negative effects on the host communities and the environment are not permitted to outweigh the financial benefits. In order to share's stance on tourism, a new content strategy was needed. In assignment of Limelights we organized a strategy workshop and created a content strategy.

Given the confidential nature of a content strategy, we can't share any deeper outcome here. What we can do is briefly explain the process that we follow. Developing a good content strategy is a process in which we like to work closely with the client. In general, we do this in three phases.

Preparation & research phase:
In the preparation phase, we collect and analyze all available information based on interviews and data from analytic tools. We deep dive as much as possible in the market, customers, competitors and popular content within the field in order to understand the clients' needs.

Based on the preparation and research phase, we host a workshop. We work closely together with the Booking Cares team in an interactive setting on the challenges, solutions, the tone of voice and first ideas. This way we can get as much information out of the team and test directly some of the conclusions of the previous phases.

Development phase:
In this phase the strategic choices are made based on the data we collected. Clear objectives with KPIs are formulated, and for each objective, the best strategy is determined.

A good content strategy must be also pragmatic, that’s why we translate the strategy directly into communication channels. As a result we get not only a paper document but a strategy that comes to life and can be implemented. Again we also have an important feedback moment where the client can give input and make a number of decisions based on the options we laid out before. 

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